Famoc Depanel, 50 years planning and developing innovative projects

About us

Founded in 1972 we have evolved to become the top structuring corporate infrastructure company by designing solutions that are aligned with clear design, financial and environmental needs.

With 50 years of experience, we are set on design, production, furnishing, sale and rental for both office and corporate spaces for diverse industries.

We are committed to sustainable design through environmental protection and strategic practices involving circular economy in all our production cycle; always recognizing the social and physical aspects involved in creating a greener conscience

Mission and vision

Our organization is bound to the development of high quality, innovative  real estate and mobiliary products and services defined by sustainability while satisfying our clients’ needs.

We’ll be recognized as a leading company providing work space adjustment services on an international level. While also offering innovative solutions that will go beyond our clients’ expectations through high quality design, production, installation and financial services.




Our values


We are open, honest and ethical in each and every action we take towards our clients, suppliers and colleagues.


We have our own vision for the world. Our design philosophy advocates for authenticity and innovation. Our whole company is involved in the design process and every area is an essential part of it.


We have established an environmentally friendly design and production culture.


Social and environmental projects

•  We advocate for the betterment of quality of life, development and protection of Colombian rural and indigenous communities.

•  We contribute to the cultural development in some of Colombia’s regions

•  We carry out research   on systemic thinking with several national universities.


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